Guilherme Vieira, the name behind CLUBE BOSSA, is a self-taught designer who graduated in business. Low profile, Vieira is a horse lover who grew up far from the beach enjoying the summers at his grandparent’s swimming pool and farm. Laidback and extremely modest, Vieira splits his time between São Paulo and the countryside. He likes to surround himself with as many architectural and design experiences as possible to keep a constant flow of inspiration.



Guilherme Vieira launched CLUBE BOSSA in 2006, offering women handmade couture beachwear without the excess. Collections consist of edgy silhouettes with tropical twists provided by lightweight fabrics. Beautiful and classically shaped dresses with intricate patterns and unusual materials are designed to enhance and celebrate the female figure.


Brazil’s carefree and spontaneous style is clear throughout the brand’s designs. Tropical, refined and modern are the words used to describe the woman it is designed for. The CLB customer is someone who values the small things in life, knows her own body and uses fashion as a vehicle to communicate her taste in art and design. We believe anyone who identifies with our proposition, values and products can be part of The Club.